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"Lulu is remarkable! She helped me organize my home office, cleared away the clutter, opened up time and energy for more productive use of my time. I highly recommend her services."    Paul B, Chicago 

“An event that I could have never imagined, I just went around my basement and identified items that I wanted to keep, we created a plan and everything unwanted was gone, the rest was organized and clean….  Electronics and old paint recycled, items and toys donated, and confidential documents shredded, I wish I had done it years ago.” 

Gina P. - Lakeview Chicago

“As so many independent small business owners struggle with the daily grind of micro-managing, the need for assistance in organization and efficiency becomes a crystal clear imperative to success. This is where the life altering services of Elizabeth (Lulu) Miranda's Mercury Organizing Services become the "fairy's wand of magic" in the successful accomplishment of office organization necessary to simplify the busy entrepreneur's life!

Trustworthy. Professional. Insightful.

These three Miranda characteristics have alleviated a ridiculously stressful rhythm of my daily business. I highly recommend this wise investment in Mercury Organizing Professionals. Ms. Miranda's professional contribution has truly made a difference in my business' office efficiency!”

Katerina Carson, Katerina's

"Drop that catalog!  As much fun as it is to shop for furniture, Lulu was masterful at working at working with what I had. She has a gift for being able to visualize how a room will flow. In addition she helped me organize my kitchen.  We didn't throw much of anything away, she didn't suggest that I buy a bunch of gear to organize things, instead she made incredible use of the space we had.   I highly recommend you spend the money to let her work her magic on what you have before you throw out or buy new.

Most organizational books begin with a purge.  I don't like this approach.  I have lots of regrets about throwing out items that I could have used now.  And items intended for one use, may find a different use some other way.  I refuse to throw out my bread maker because we are currently not using it much.  Lulu's approach is revolutionary.  No purging of your stuff.  No painful decisions about discarding rarely used items or appliances.  Rather, she takes your things and your space and configures them in a way that feels brand new.  It makes so much sense.  I think that people hire organizers they are trying to free up their energy, but the answers are so simple.  Lulu puts your things into your space in a way that works for you.  It is incredibly freeing to live in an organized and well-functioning space.  

Like a lot of people, I live in two places. It could be your home and your office, or your apartment and your boyfriend's apartment.  Or maybe your kids move from space to space living with mom and visiting dad.  In any case, many people are jammed up with this organizational hurdle.  How do you stay organized in both places?  How easy it is to forget things, or have to take three trips to the car just to get your lunch, laptop, workout gear etc ready to go, only to find that you forgot your running shoes or your nylons!   Working with Lulu on the issue of organizing a commute has changed my life.  On Sunday night I get this strange feeling, because there is nothing I need to do to get ready for Monday! Before I would have this nagging list of chores to get myself ready for the next day.  I walk out the door with my pocket book, computer and nothing else.  I have my things where they need to be in routines that work for my life.  It is an amazing transformation and I am grateful to her help.  I used to feel stuck in a rut and now I feel free!
Teresa B., Elgin, IL
"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Elizabeth Miranda (Lulu) for her exceptional assistance in helping me rediscover my closet. My disorganization has undoubtedly been a major source of stress and lack of style in my life. Lulu really listens to me about my current needs and has given me many helpful suggestions. She clearly explains possibilities and helps one make them happen. If you would have seen my closet recently, you would have realized how patient Lulu is. She never judges based on how much "stuff" they have, although my family thinks I have a Carrie Bradshaw addiction! I have some fabulous shoes!!!

My family was shocked when they came home and saw my floor. I am not hunting for things any more. I have known Lulu for many years and have seen her strong work ethic and spotless desk at work. Lulu is very professional, easy to work with, has a great attitude, is very patient, is confident in her abilities, and is self-motivated. In fact, I would not want to work with any one else. Thank you so much for your expertise and just being you.”

Tricia H.- Northern Suburb

"I wanted to let you know  that my session with you was very helpful. Your clarity and your ability to decipher exactly what I needed was truly remarkable. The skills I learned from you have already made my business operate with more ease and flow. And finally the resources which you shared with me will enable me to see my business from a greater viewpoint , allow me to get more organized, and help me position myself towards expansion.
Many thanks,"
Larry C.

"What I like most about Lulu is she is efficient and extremely capable of taking on any organizational task. I was a bit concerned that my computer was so overloaded with information that it was going to be very difficult, if not impossible to organize the information in a comprehensible way. Lulu helped me instantly with a plan and a strategy that seemed so effortless. The three biggest benefits with working with Lulu are: she is friendly, intelligent and creative. There isn't a challenge she isn't up to tackling. I would highly recommend her to any one looking to organize their life a little better - she is amazing!
Thanks Lulu!"
Kelly M.
"I would like to share with you the tremendous benefits I have enjoyed since working with Lulu Miranda of Mercury Organizing Professionals in organizing my home and home office. I thought I was decently organized. Talk about not knowing what you don't know!! Ms. Miranda did such a nice, life-enhancing and business-enhancing reordering of office and home that it is fun to work from home and live there now. The best part is this: she works in such a nice, informative way that when she leaves it is easy to maintain the order Lulu has helped you create. Her method is not to impose her order on you, but to work with you to create your own highest and maintainable order. Clearly, I love what she does and wish I would have met Lulu years ago."   
Thank you, Carey S.